What Is the Audi MMI® Touch Response System?

MMI® touch response system

What Is the Audi MMI® Touch Response System?

The Audi MMI® touch response system is designed to streamline your overall driving experience with easy-to-use interactive controls for audio, vehicle settings, navigation and more. This user-friendly interface has been finely tuned by Audi engineers to ensure that Nebraska Audi drivers receive the top-notch behind-the-wheel experience they deserve. Wondering how does the Audi MMI® work? Looking to buy a new Audi equipped with Audi MMI® Navigation plus? Stop by our Audi dealership near Fremont, NE, today.

What Does the Audi MMI® Include?

All new Audi models come with a version of Audi MMI®, giving you complete control of your luxury vehicle. The Audi® MMI touch response system includes a wide assortment of exclusive perks. Some of the amenities we want to highlight include:

  • Advanced touch displays and a simplified interface, so you can control nearly every aspect of your Audi ownership experience.
  • Audi MMI® can be activated by more than just a simple touch of the fingertip, as you can use all of its features by swiping, pinching, tapping and even writing.
  • Natural voice recognition allows you to speak conversationally, making it easy to place phone calls, navigate the road ahead and interact with your Audi.
  • Because every NE Audi driver is a unique individual, the Audi MMI® touch response system allows you to personalize the controls, icons and more to ensure you're as comfortable as possible.
  • Create your own profile with one of seven key-linked driver profiles. You'll be able to instantly restore over 400 vehicle settings when you get behind the wheel.
  • Customize your Audi virtual cockpit's visuals with one of two selectable modes and choose what you'd like to highlight, so you can focus on the road ahead.